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Welcome to the world of wanderingrogue...

Not much in the news. Just got back from a delightfully hot and humid jaunt down to the enormous state of Texas where the only thing that tops Joe's Crab Shack in convenient locations is the wide world of mass marketed Christianity. I did visit the delightfully culturally diverse town of Corpus Christi and drove down Padre Island to the Gulf of Mexico (yours truly had never seen the ocean) and I absolutely adore the rich little alcohol enhanced corner of the world known as San Antonio. I wandered up and down the Riverwalk, peering into the windows of boutique hotels and relaxing in the evenings to partake of maragaritas and a little light jazz. Sadly, I never saw someone fall into the defiled depths of the river...but we can't have everything. Can someone explain to me the point of all the little light up do-dads and devil ears and assorted other plastic adornments sold by nighttime merchants? You know, the ones that encite children to beg "Please, mummy (even though this toy I so desperately want will be forgotten upon the morrow and add to the accumulation of overall crap that will trip you, causing you to plummet down the stairs in the middle of the night and earning you a trip to the ER for some emergency rhinoplasty) I want one! I want one! I WANT ONE!!"...? The best I can figure is that the light up adornments are there solely to broadcast the message "I am an oblivious tourist and I am using these plastic light up adornments in order to make the life of you, dear mugger/rapist/murderer, that much easier by readily identifying myself like a lame albino animal in the wild."

Eh, who knows? Anyway, welcome to my livejournal! *smiles sweetly*
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