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Kucinich breaks out his pimp hand...

Kick ass, Kucinich!

I know nothing will come of this, but watching this on C-SPAN right at this very moment does my heart a world of good. Someone has to do this, even if Congress will never gain the testicular fortitude to actually go after the Bushies.

I knew there was a reason I liked this guy so much. :)

For the link-phobic, Kucinich is on the floor of Congress right now, introducing articles of impeachment against President Bush. He's really emphasizing the torture that the administration has approved.

One of the guys on Fark.com made this comment: "The reason Dennis Kucinich is so short is because most of his mass is in his giant balls."

Edit: And I haven't seen a damn thing about this on any of the news channels or their websites. Typical.
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