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This is a possible contender for the most fucked up story of all time. I really have no words to describe it. It speaks for itself. But for the link lazy, I'll give a summation:

1. Father starts raping his daughter when she's 11.
2. Father lures daughter into the basement when she's 18, drugs her, binds her, and imprisons her.
3. Father forces daughter to write letters saying she has run away from home.
4. Father builds a little apartment in the basement with one single keyless entry door, hidden by cupboards, to keep his daughter imprisoned in.
5. Father rapes daughter repeatedly throughout the years, fathering 7 children on her, over the course of the next 24 years.
6. One child, a twin, dies 3 days after birth, and father throws corpse in an incinerator.
7. 3 children are allowed to live upstairs with the rest of the family, including father's "unaware" wife, the mother of the daughter. The father convinces his wife that the children were dropped off by their daughter because she couldn't care for them.
8. One of the 3 children forced to live underground their entire lives with their mother gets sick, father/grandad reluctantly takes child to hospital.
9. Hospital discovers that the child is suffering from a genetic ailment usually caused by incest and also discovers a note the child's mother has hidden on the child.
10. Police rescue the daughter and her children.

Days like this, I wish I believed in hell. Just so I could have the satisfaction of knowing that this man will burn in it. As it is, I think I'm just going to go cry for a while.
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