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House M.D.

I have never seen House M.D.

Shocking, I know. Especially when you consider the fact that I'm an enormous Hugh Laurie fan (thanks to the Blackadder series*) and that the show is apparently about a curmudgeonly doctor with a drug problem and a very cynical attitude towards life in general.

It's precisely because I know I'll enjoy it that I've never watched it. I don't have the time to fanatically devote to another series. I have too many on my plate already.

So apart from a few clips people have posted from YouTube, showing House telling Wilson (who is, evidently, on speeeeeeeed) "I love you", I've never seen anything from the show. (Though, I'll admit, if they ever brought Stephen Fry on as a special guest, I really would have no alternative but to watch it.)

So it was quite surprising to me that, last night, I had a dream about House. I was a medical student, showing some other student around, when we encountered Dr. House talking to another doctor. After a few words I can't actually recall, in which I introduced the medical student hanging out with me to Dr. House, he simply walks away, apparently after saying something enormously witty and, judging from the fellow medical student's expression, extremely cutting. I say to this young medical student, "Well, that's Dr. House for you..." adding, after a brief flurry of activity from the part of me that was probably trying to wake up and be sensible, "I think...?"

Even in my dreams, I try to recruit myself into new fandoms.

*Where, I cannot stress this often enough, you should never start with the first series. Many people swear by Blackadder II, which I thought was just OK. But if you are a Hugh Laurie fan and want some Hugh Laurie Blackadder goodness, Blackadder III and IV are the way to go. Seriously. Start with those. They're pants-peeingly funny. Do not start with the first one. You might be disappointed and not move on to the others. And then your pants will be dry and I will have failed you as a geek.
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