Jill (wanderingrogue) wrote,

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Thanks to the Showtime television series Brotherhood (an hour long organized crime drama), I have now seen Lucius Malfoy's ass in a simulated sex scene.

I...don't quite know how to feel about that.

If I were a fifteen-year-old girl, I suspect I'd be feeling all these conflicting emotions and various stages of WTF-ness and an underlying kind of sexual confusion that would cause me, no doubt, to pull the diary out from under my bed and write about my budding feelings for boys.

As I am not a fifteen-year-old girl, but rather a grown woman close enough to thirty to see it without the aid of a telescope, I hopped on my laptop and opened up LiveJournal in order to say: Godfuckingdammit! Now I'm kind of attracted to that blond haired, cane carrying, house elf abusing, shit fit throwing bitch from the Harry Potter movies!
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