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Childhood Cinematic Trauma pt. 1


It's been twenty years and this scene still scares the fuck out of me.

If you ever wanted to know what scares a die-hard horror movie fan from birth, well, now you know. It's not scary movies, oh no. It's random scenes interspersed in completely normal (though quite terrible) super hero films from the early 80s. As much as I loved the Superman series, the third one was pretty terrible. And that scene scared the shit out of me in a very real, very hide-behind-the-couch-and-pretend-you're-just-playing-with-dolls sort of way.

Just as a lark, I've decided to post, as a bit of an ode to Halloween (aka my favorite holiday and the Most Wonderful Time of the Year), some of my favorite and terrifying cinematic moments. It won't necessarily be horror films (though there might be some), but it will be shit that managed to scar me for life in very twisted, permanent, and soul-crushing ways.

You're welcome.
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