Jill (wanderingrogue) wrote,

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You know, spraining the tendons in your hip flexors hurts like a bitch wrapped in a fucking bastard with both of them secured safely in a snuggly made of suck.

I had to fall asleep with an ice pack on my groin last night. I'm a bit better off today, but it still feels like I have the worst cyst in the history of malfunctioning girlie bits. But it isn't a cyst, oh no. I had to go and over exert myself while practicing a pilates move two nights ago and fuck up a tendon.

Now it is nothing but cold and pain.

Why do I always have to learn things the hard way?

Now I have to go and stick my favorite fork in a wall socket and then go for a jog while closely examining the intricacies of sharpened stainless steel fashioned into two interconnected pieces joined at a single pivot point.
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