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I just had the strongest reaction I've ever experienced to having my blood drawn. I don't know what it was for sure. It might have been that the person who drew it was someone I didn't know, it might have been that he decided to draw it out of my hand, but whatever it was, it really took its toll. My vision went all funny, my head went all fuzzy and swimmy, I broke out in a cold sweat and probably looked paler than bleached bone. I was nauseous and thirsty at the same time. All of these things, separately, are things I've experienced before while getting blood drawn (I've also fainted while doing it before). But I've never had them all happen simultaneously. I had to quickly lie down on the floor and elevate my feet. All the while my brain, having just gone through CPR certification for the first time in a decade, kept popping up like that fucking Microsoft Word paper clip with "Hi! You appear to be going into a mild form of shock! Would you like to a) beg someone for a drink of water even though it'd probably make you vomit, b) cry quietly as best you can while your body still has the ability to produce tears, or c) beg the nice man to perform a mercy killing?"

I can't even type the phrase "get blood drawn" now without feeling slightly nauseous again.

What sucks is, apart from feeling completely exhausted and headachey from the whole experience, my body will now associate this feeling with getting blood drawn and I might start reacting this way at the very thought of it in the future.

I hope to dog I don't get a new conditioned response. I just got over the whole fainting thing with this process a year or so ago. I don't want a new bad reaction to take its place. Because, Jesus fucking Christ in ass-less chaps, what I just got to feel fucking sucked! I think I prefer fainting.
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