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Hey, on next week's episode, Ghost Hunters is actually visiting a place I've been to: the aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi called The Lexington.

I want to go on record as saying that neither my mother or I found anything even remotely creepy about the Lexington. It's a big, very cool ship. I even made a monetary donation to their shipboard library.

Even the tiny, dark, out of the way areas we managed to invade without getting into trouble (we both suffer from an irresistible need to go into areas that are roped off from the public) weren't at all creepy. They were tiny, dark, and musty, but not scary.

The one thing that worries me is the fact that, for some reason I will never understand about ghost hunting in general, TAPS feels the need to turn off all the lights while investigating. Having been on the Lexington, I can tell you that this is a colossally bad idea. Not because it makes things scarier and makes human eyes more ripe for hallucination, but rather because they don't so much have stairs on aircraft carriers as they do inclined ladder-like contraptions with hand rails covered in netting. Would you want to try to maneuver those motherfuckers in the dark? Because I wouldn't.

The Lexington is a big, impressive ship, there's no doubt about that. It's named the Blue Ghost. At night they light it up with blue flood lights that illuminate it with an unearthly glow that you can see from all the way across the bay. It's a fascinating place, and if you're ever in the Corpus Christi area, I recommend it as a good tourist destination. You might not see ghosts (I sure as hell didn't...although there was a school of jellyfish surrounding the entire boat that was pretty damn scary, although I'm pretty sure the fall from the main aircraft deck would probably kill you before a school's worth of jellyfish stings could do you in), but you'll get to see a fascinating place with one hell of a history (and some of the stories really did sound like hell).
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