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I just got a visit from two rather strong-smelling older Jehovah's Witnesses. And by strong-smelling...why is it that Christian men feel the need to douse themselves from head to toe in cheap cologne?

I was polite and respectful. I explained to them that I was an atheist, and no, I didn't feel like having a Biblical discussion with them as I had to get ready for work. I told them that it was nice to meet them and shook both their hands before they left (after about ten minutes of standing on my doorstep and much gentle prodding). But what I found amusing was that one of the gentlemen said that he'd mentioned something about a shoe to a previous person he'd visited and that, when he'd returned later on, people had called him Mr. Shoe. He then told me his real name and left. I told him I'd remember his real name.

And I will. Not because I have a good memory for names for evangelists that I've only ever met once, but rather because he has the same name as a certain male super-slut who banged every hot dude in sight and didn't believe in monogamy from the Showtime version of Queer as Folk.

But I didn't mention that part. ;)
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