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Hey, wow. James Urbaniak (aka the voice of Dr. Venture on The Venture Bros.) has an LJ. And, if his friends list is to be believed, he's not the only one from that show.

Seems like a pretty cool guy, really.

I'm surprised I didn't know this, seeing as how I'm essentially the female equivalent of a basement-dwelling geek. Or if I did know this, my brain had chosen to delete the information. Probably to make room for some obscure bit of trivia on either a) the episode of Futurama that had the commentary with Billy West and John DiMaggio talking in character the whole time (the Pharaoh episode), b) the evolution of the Hox genes in fish that eventually led to the creation of the earliest tetrapod hands, or c) the proper way to test the chemical content of a hot tub.

Melvil(le) Dewey would have taken one look at my brain and given up.
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